Bloody Friday:

Cast: Starring: * Claudia Jennings “Play Boy Playmate of the Year” * Joan Prather * Greg Mullavey

A Bloody Friday you’ll never forget! The weekend is just beginning… Off the coast of California is an island like a small jewel set in the emerald sea… SHALISHAN! Southern California’s most popular singles resort. Every weekend California girls, wild ,warm and willing come to search for a man.

Under the expert tutelage of super-cool , Freudian psycho-analyst Phillip Stevens (Wayne Dvorek) they find at Shalishan encounter sessions, sensitivity training, sexual liberation exercises and more. Everyone has treir own reason for coming to Shalishan and , in their midst, a psychopathic killer, searching for a new kind of high!

One by one the girls are slaughtered, Cathy played by January Playmate Mercy Rooney, is the first to get it! Right in the stomach with a spear gun!