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COVID 2025

While New York City officials struggle with what to do with the mounting dead, 

Web Designer, DAN JERNIGAN, his family of six and their two dogs seek to escape the “Shelter in Place” Gestapo commands of their local officials and find freedom in an off the grid location. 

They settle on a beautiful campground in a State park, and settle down for the night, unaware of the Covid-19 hidden graveyard beneath their sleeping bodies. Their nightmare begins!

 DAN and his family labeled as “covidiots” by society, quickly changes their minds from “Virus Hoax” to Virus reality when one by one family members disappear only to be found later, gruesomely mutilated by an unseen killer.  

Only the silent night sounds can be heard as the suffering begins as COVID-19, the deadly mutuant virus, triggers respiratory infections in everyone it touches. The silent invader enters their bodies crawling down their bronchial tubes searching for the Warm dark hiding place of the lungs, where it nestles in  comfort, feeding on the healthy cells as it replicates itself  until it consumes  the human organs of the master host.  

Unseen, and deadly, it spreads as it’s hunger grows.  

 There is no treatment, no vaccine, no escape.

Demon Run

Jack Allen lives his life running with the Devil. It was only a matter of time until his renegade lifestyle would cost him in the most personal ways.

Addicted to drugs, gambling, and wild women, Jack lives his life on the edge. Spending his days breaking laws, breaking hearts, and escaping from danger, Jack is always one moment from total collapse. Despite his families plea to save him from his wild ways, Jack ignores their request and continues to destroy their family dynamic. For twenty-six years Jack has been a rebel, and there is no signs of slowing down.

One night changes it all, though, when Jack loses every cent at the poker table. Using nefarious ways, Jack is able to learn his poker opponents live the same dark lifestyle as him, and finds out about a way to steal $100 million dollars. Jack heads on a journey across the country to keep his lifestyle afloat. The only problem, Jack has no regard for the affect this will have on his parents and his little sister. When his family gets involved, Jack finds himself with only 48 hours to safe himself and his family. It is the ultimate Demon run.



A 3D Animated family film called “Run Happy Run”. It’s about a troubled boy that is sent by his mother to spend the summer living with his father at a greyhound racing farm in Florida, he hates it there until one day he discovers he can speak to the greyhound dogs and this is when his ADVENTURE begins! Our newest production is the 3D animated family feature film named “Run Happy Run”. Our freelance animators will be using PIXAR’S software RENDERMAN https://renderman.pixar.com/view/renderman and “Run Happy Run” will have the look and feel as movies such as “Toy Story”, “Cars”, “Finding Dory”, and other animated box office blockbusters.

Here is a link to PIXAR’S company reel showing the potential of their product RENDERMAN https://community.renderman.pixar.com/article/1452/2016-renderman-showreel.html?l=h

It’s a SUMMER like nothing before!


When pro-basketball player Terence Stanton is crippled in a drive-by shooting, he is confined to a wheelchair and now sells magazines & papers at his corner newsstand.  Terrence spends his spare time keeping an eye on the young kids in the hood and showing them that they can do good. But when an alien sphere crashes on Earth and Terence melds with it, he gains incredible superpowers and dons the mantle of The Asphalt Avenger!   But the intergalactic bad guys who want the power to come calling on the Avenger to get the sphere back!  Terence must figure out how to defeat this intergalactic threat and protect the one thing that means the most to him in his life: His home. The Avenger’s young friends, Lucas and Kara, come along for the adventure as The Asphalt Avenger fights for the fate of the galaxy!



 Hollywood Indie Studios was founded by the Sebastian’s who have a track record of producing and distributing independent box office winning and commercially successful films. Their success began in the 1960’s, carried on today with this ground breaking animation film.

Ben Sebastian is the executive producer of this project. Hollywood Indie Studios distributes our film library through Team Marketing to strategic partners who reach over 80,000 retail locations. We also distribute to pay and free television channels and indirectly to international markets on a license basis through third parties.

In addition to our own direct to HD DVD productions, we are producing additional films for our library each year. Our film video library includes such films as Gator Bait, Gator Bait II, Delta Fox, Flash & the Firecat, The Hitchhikers ,Bloody Friday, Captain Midnight, Rocktober Blood. Ferd started 50 years ago with his wife Beverly in Houston Texas. Shooting oil field pumps. Then TV commercials…..then feature films.

Writing, Producing, Directing and Cinematography… They did it all, and as their family grew, so did the crew. It was a family affair. With Ben, mainly working behind the camera and Tracy usually in front. Producing films that always doubled their money. Until GatorBait. Gator Bait was when everything came together. Made for $70,000 it grossed 15,000,000 million dollars. Ferd said, “That was the movie that put us in business.”

With a successful library of films, Ferd and Beverly made a distribution deal with Paramount Home Video for the ancillary rights. It was a good deal for all. Paramount saw the profit in these smaller pictures and ask the Sebastian’s to make some for them. So Gator Bait II, American Angles and Running Cool was born.

The Sebastian team is amping up to make a new hit. Ferd and Beverly are exciteded about this new animated project and ready to add it to the library of successful Hollywood Indie Studios Inc. projects. Ferd Ben Sebastian, their oldest son is President and Executive Producer of Hollywood Indie Studios and currently runs the everyday operations of this still growing film studio. “We are ready to make this wonderful story into a successful animated hit” says Ferd Ben Sebstian. “We not only have rescued thousands of greyhounds through our foundation, but are animal lovers in general as so many people are. We are ready to share this lovely story with the world.”




Great Relationship


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For the first time ever we are welcoming accredited investor partners into our studio. Our newest production is the fast and furious car chase action movie Demon Run. The incredible story that pits an American hero racing across the USA in the fastest production car made, the Dodge Demon, while being pursued by everyone you can think of, Russians, the police, Interpol and some character that escape description. This will be the HIS Movie’s best action movie ever. If you’re an accredited investor and want to be part of the movie mania then become our partner.


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