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Cast: Staring: * Tracy Sebastian * John Ireland * Dena Dietriech * Ted Gehring * Mia Kovacs Sound Tract Songs: by * Ted Nugent & * Rod Stewart

The hilarious account of one boy’s climb to success within the American free enterprise system and the authorities trying to stop them.

Marvin Ziegler. Better known as Ziggy, is a seventeen year old product of the California school system. He is charming , brilliant and goodlooking. But he can neither read or write and his vocabulary is self taught, mostly the four letter variety! He’s just a little bit out of step, but his difference is what makes him unique. He’s a great guy.. he just doesn’t fit! At work he gets fired for playing “not for broadcast” records over the radio.

At home he’s threatened by his father with foreclosure on his new van, the Midnight Special.

At school his counselor insist that he and his family go to the school psychiatrist because of his inability to adapt to normal school life.