Panama Films Distribution, LLC was founded by the Sebastian’s who have a track record of producing and distributing independent box office winning and commercially successful films. Their success began in the 1960’s, carried through the 1970’s, 1980’s, 1990’s, and is now carried on with their son Ferd Sebastian.

Panama Films Distribution, LLC distributes our film library to retailers, video rental stores, mass merchants, truck stops, mom & pops with our strategic partners who reach over 80,000 retail locations. We also distribute to pay and free television channels and indirectly to international markets on a license basis through third parties. In addition to our own direct to HD DVD productions, we are seeking to acquire additional films for our library each year. Our film video library includes such films as Gator Bait, Delta Fox, Flash & the Firecat, The Hitchhikers ,Bloody Friday, Captain Midnight, Rocktober Blood.

Ferd started 50 years ago with his wife Beverly in Houston Texas. Shooting oil fields. Then TV commercials…..then feature films.

Ferd and Beverly specialized in one type of film. Low budget. Why? Because the profit margin was higher and the risk of loosing was lower.

Writing, Producing, Directing and Cinematography… They did it all, and as their family grew, so did the crew. It was a family affair. With Ben, mainly working behind the camera and Tracy usually in front.

Producing films that always doubled their money. Until GatorBait. Gator Bait was when everything came together. Made for $90,000 it grossed 15,000,000. Ferd said, “That was the movie that put us in business.”

With a nice library of films, Ferd and Beverly made a distribution deal with Paramount Home Video for the ancillary rights. It was a good deal for all. Paramount saw the profit in these smaller pictures and ask the Sebastian’s to make some for them. So Gator Bait II, American Angles and Running Cool was born.

Living now in Semi retirement, Ferd and Beverly are still keeping their hand in.. Ferd is Chairman of the Board of Imsomnia Productions and He and Beverly are consulting and overseeing Monster Films LLC film production. Headed by his oldest son, Ferd (Ben) Sebastian.

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