Delta Fox:

The Cast: Starring: Richard Lynch * Priscilla Barnes Guest Stars: Stuart Whitman * John Ireland * Richard Jaeckel

Through out the United States, there are vast quantities of money (in hundreds of millions) that have been accumulated by illegal methods. The methods used for gathering these sums are usually the same. Non-reported tax dollars, skimmed gambling revenue, profit from dope, prostitution, and the list goes on. Through clever manipulation these funds find their way into foreign numbered bank accounts. Then at certain prescribed intervals the money is returned (in cash) to various persons to invest in legitimate or non-legitimate ventures.

For two years , The Delta Fox has been the best. No snags! He’s protected himself and his cargo. And delivered the goods. The key man, an attorney in Los Angeles, sets up when and how the money comes into the country. Once a shipment is ready, he notifies The Fox. A transfer from a fishing boat in Miami, to the Fox’s car at dockside is made. From Miami to three thousand miles later in Los Angeles everything depends on one man. Everything is smooth as glass, Only this trip, something’s wrong! Right from the beginning. It reeks setup! And before he knows it, The Fox is trapped, cornered like the wild thing he is , 1,000,000.00 and the steel tightening. But like his namesake, he escapes and he’s got the bag! The chase for the Fox is on.