The Hitch Hikers:

Cast: Staring: * Misty Rowe (from TV’s Hee Haw) * Norman Klar * Linda Avery * Tammy Gibbs * Kathy Stutsman * Denny Nichols

Maggie (Misty Rowe), a pretty blond teenager, learns that she is pregnant. Her boy friend refuses to marry her or assume any responsibility for the baby. Unable to communicate with her parents, the distraught Maggie runs a way from home. She now begins her adventure of hitchhiking a cross the country, where she meats Benson (Norman Klar) Benson is a young hippie and takes Maggie to his dessert hide out witch he shares with his family. The family consist of four girls , that Benson has trained to rob people while they are hitch hicking, Now Maggie’s adventure begins as she must choose Benson and a life of crime or try a daring life defying escape from the gang.