Gator Bait

:Cast:Starring: Claudia Jennings “Play Boy Playmate of the Year” * Sam Gilman

Co-Staring: Doug Dirkson * Clyde Ventura * Bill Thurman *Don Baldwin *Janit Baldwin * Ben Sebastian & Introducing *Tracy Sebastian

She’s untamed and fiery. She’s half animal and all woman. And she was even Playboy Magazine’s “Playmate of the Year”. She is sultry Claudia Jennings who plays Desiree, the gorgeous alligator poacher living by her wiles in the Louisiana swamp. Desiree’s not only pretty, she’s pretty deadly when provoked. And she’s pushed way past her limit by a clan of lusting backwoodsmen who kill her sister and kidnap her brother. The action in Gator Bait gets as wild as the swamp it was filmed in including the surprise ending in this exciting gator tail.